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Transformation in Christ


This wooden cross portrayed a beautiful Salvadoran landscape, replete with colorful nature senses. This reminds us in Genesis, all creatures are made by our Creation God. It seems that the designer is trying to bring us to the place with wonderful wildlife he encounters where he lives. He was making all these natures in so details. Seems that he was trying to connect us via those senses to God of our creation. This wooden cross is like earth singing a song that glorifies our amazing Creator, and gives thanks to those gifts of nature that He is providing us for free each day.

While looking down from the bottom to the top, we see a dove (represents the “Power of Holy Spirit”, Matt 3:16; Mark 1:10; Luk 3:22; Jh 1:22) outspreading its wings to fly. There is a mountain and a sun (signifies the “Power of God”) on the dove with a crossing sea-wave besides (reveals to the baptism by the Holy Spirit and, or denotes the “Flow of Holy Spirit is transforming .….. (something)”) but it is also decorated as the cloth (symbolizes the “Holy Spirit”, Luk 24:49; Act 2:3) of a half-face man. The other half-face is shown with an upside-down sea-wave, then a house on the top but it is also represented the cloth of a half-face lady, both are positioned in the middle of the Cross. The other half of the lady is combined with the hat of the half-face man with a little door (represents the “Way open to the Heaven”) on it. Interestingly, there is a ladder (means “Pilgrimage Road”) from the little door (symbolizes “the Heaven Door”) to another sea-waves which crossing each other, along to a jar that believe some water in there (represents the tool for “Living Water”, John 4:11-14). Beside the jar, there are some gains and fruits (denotes the “Fruit of Spirit”, Gal 5:22-23). Back to the wings of the cross, there are houses with doors building up on the mountain (embodies the “City of Lord”, Ps 48:8).

Fascinatingly, we found that those creations were placed upside down against their nature. The sun is supposed shining up in the sky; while dove and mountain theoretically shown on high place. Fruits and jar with water should grow on the ground. Likewise, mountains should be stand upright whereas houses are built on it. More importantly, in a traditional of El Salvador cultural background, the position of male is normally higher than female. Is the designer trying to make an extraordinary revolution in his design?

Designer may not trying to make a revolution but apparently, this wooden Cross is showing us how human’s life should be transformed in Christ salvation, the Christian reformation in God’s hand. The evidence can be found from the flow of power is starting at the bottom of the cross. This reminds us that humility comes before honor (Prov 18:12). While receiving the power of Holy Spirit (i.e. Dove) at the bottom, through the flow of movement of Spirit (i.e. Sea-waves), to the repentance by human to our Lord Jesus (i.e. Man and Lady in the middle of the Cross), we could be safe and peaceful in His Divine Hands (i.e. Houses will not fall down although mountains are turning side. Then finally, people can enter the door of salvation, with living water with power of fruits in life abundantly (Jh 10:10).

In Christianity, everyone should start from humility and repentance, for receiving the precious gift from God. “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chron 7:14). May this colorful Cross show you not just its beauty but its impactful spiritual meaning.

Photo: Author Author: Angela Chiu

Editor: Dr Alfred Lee

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